These days everyone is intrested in buying bitcoin or other crypto-currencies. You can buy crypto-currencies online as well as offline from someone known.

Before buying Bitcoin make sure you have a Bitcoin wallet. You can easily create an account with any popular crypto exchange and get wallets for all popular crypto coins.

You can create Free account with popular crypto exchanges and get Wallets free of cost.

Since Bitcoin (crypto-currencies) are virtual, just like a bank account balance. You need a Crypto wallet to save your coins. Every crypto currency has its own wallet. You can not keep Bitcoin, Etherium or other coin in same wallet.

Buy from a known person

If you are planning to buy bitcoins with cash. you can purchase bitcoins from a known person and ask him to transfer bitcoins to your wallet address.

Diposite cash to bank account

You can diposite your cash to bank account and then use UPI or online banking to transfer amount to Exchange and buy the coins on exchange

Buy from bitcoin ATM

You can diposite your cash in bitcoin ATM and enter your wallet address, the ATM will transfer coins to your Bitcoin wallet

In 2018 India got first bitcoin ATM in Bengaluru's Kempfort Mall. But it was seized and since then there is no any Bitcoin ATM in India

If you want to buy Bitcoin from popular Crypto Exchanges in India read here.

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