How to register email id with Airtel number

You need to link you email with phone number, If you want to raise a written complaint via email or any other Email communication for airtel services e.g. for airtel payments account.

Full proof working method

Call airtel customer care number. ask them to update your email Id.

  1. Call 121
  2. Press 1 for prepaid services.
  3. Press 2 for balance, validity
  4. Listen to all options and then Press 9 for speaking with the customer executive.
  5. Tell them that you want to update your e-mail ID, when asked tell your email ID. You'll get a confirmation message in 24hrs, and you'll have to reply to it within a specified time.

TIP: To avoid any mistakes read out the email to them letter by letter.

e.g., then read it like

  • m - mumbai
  • o - odisha
  • h - himachal
  • a - apple
  • n - nagaland

  • Old methods which do not work now.

    • Update via Airtel thanks app
    • Update via website by login to your account
    • Sending message UPDATE EMAIL to 121
    • Sending a request mail to from your email.

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